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people - Right People / Right Seats


When everyone is in the right seat, responsible people will thrive and we can truly harmonize all the human energy in the organization.


Creating a simple business plan. Where we're going and how we're going to get there. Then integrating this plan into every department.


This is all about defining processes so everyone knows "what" needs to be done and when. Documenting the repeatable processes so that we have more time for the unpredictable.


With effective meetings and metrics, "what good looks like" becomes clear.

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Right Path for your Business 


My dedication to this mission celebrates the enduring legacy of American entrepreneurs who have played vital roles in shaping the nation's history and success.

Throughout my extensive career journey, which began in humble beginnings, I've gained valuable insights and practical expertise. This experience has deepened my understanding of business intricacies, enabling me to effectively identify issues and implement operational improvements that drive organizations toward prosperity. My choice to transition from a COO role in corporate America to assist other businesses stems from a genuine desire to support business owners in realizing their full potential. It's a reflection of my personal growth and journey as a leader who started from the ground up.

With 23 years of diverse leadership experience, my belief centers around the essential components for business success. Ensuring the right people are in the right positions, developing a strong strategic plan, optimizing processes for efficiency, and establishing measurable performance metrics. The emphasis here is that when these elements work in harmony towards a shared goal, they create a conducive environment for business success.

BSM Indiana Wesleyan University

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The responsibilities you carry, the decisions you face, and the drive to move forward. But here's the thing: you're not alone, and there's always a way forward. Let's navigate this journey together and turn those late-night worries into opportunities for growth and success.

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